Serpent Mound

serpent.jpg (207637 bytes) On July 25, 1998, Shakura, Bob and I journeyed to Serpent Mound, located in Adams County, Ohio. All of the previous mounds where we had dowsed were conical mounds that displayed a similar pattern of energy. Since this was the first effigy mound that we were going to dowse, I had no idea what to expect. We started at the tail, which was coiled into a tight circle, and all of us found a radial pattern focused at the center of the circle, similar to the energy pattern at the conical-shaped mounds. I counted 59 lines, all spreading out from the tip of the tail. As we proceeded along the curves that represented the body of the serpent, we started detecting lines that were perpendicular to the serpent's spine, similar to the shape of a ribcage. I counted about one line for every other step that I took. We also found a line running along the top of the curves that corresponded to the center of the serpent's spine. The other end of the effigy has an oval shaped mound. At this end, we located another radial pattern. I counted 72 lines as I walked around it.  In the museum, there was a display of a serpent's skeleton arranged in the shape of the mound. I was amazed to see the similarities between the energy map I had just drawn and the skeletal structure of the serpent. Other than the radial symmetry at the head and the tail, the energy map and the skeletal structure looked identical.

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