The Death of Jabari
   ISBN: 0-595-166024-7
   304 pages.  6X9 Trade Paperback          
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Come, allow me to take you to a wondrous place.  A planet with two moons and an origin of destruction.  Let me speak my twin tales of Ryung. Two stories of a race against time through sabotage and possession; cloning and mutation; death and rebirth; magic and technology; a prophesy manipulated and ending with the fate of a world.

Six gods working against one of their own while the one man whose body is the conduit for all magic lays dying and with him the world of Ryung.

Four inhabitants, unaware of the truths of their world's creation, seek to fulfill a prophetic message. Katja, a beautiful buccaneer; Tulaan, Mutiger priest sent on a quest;  and Elingor, the mage-son of  a forgotten god are joined by Rocky, a Muavian of dubious talents. One of them becomes the pawn of the traitor god, one dies and the last will become the savior of the world...if they reach Jabari in time.

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