By Barry B. Brey

The author felt that a more technical area was needed for my students and anyone interested in learning more about microprocessors, programming, Java, and other topics. All information presented here is copyrighted and no permission is granted or implied (unless otherwise noted) by its appearence herein. This page provides technical detail on a number of topics that will be added from time-to-time. 


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Where do I find MASM?

Switches Bounce?

How to program in assembly language using MASM.

A simple method that generates random numbers.

Using the coprocessor to solve an Electronics Problem.

Using the LCD Display.

Complete system test program for EET-387.

An Interrupt processed KeyBoard for EET-387.

An Printer Queue using the 8255 in Mode 0 for EET-344.

The Java source code for the menu on my index page.

Using the parallel port (LPT) on a PC.

Using C++ with the 80C188EB embedded microprocessor.

RTOS with the 80C188EB embedded microprocessor.

Timing software in C++.

C++ class Array.h for CET-375.

C++ class LinkedList.h for CET-375.

C++ class QuickSort.h for CET-375.

Writing a simple Dialog Application in Visual C++ for Windows.

Writing a Single Document Interface (SDI) Application in Visual C++ for Windows.

The embedded interface using Visual C++ for Windows.

Displaying the Time and Date in Visual C++ for Windows.

Using MSCOMM in Visual C++ for Windows.

Creating Popup Dialog Boxes Visual C++ for Windows.

Pin Connections of the ATX Power Supply.

A first Java Swing Applet.

Multithreaded Java applications.

Using C++ in .NET 2003.

Using the MDE board.

C++Class to time software execution and generate time delays.

Using the serial ports in Visual C++.

Using Timers in Visual C++.

Using assembly language in managed programs in the Visual C++ Express edition.


The $30 - $40 USB enabled PIC schematic (see Appendix D in my PIC book)

The USB enabled PIC Boot Loader HEX file.

The USB enabled PIC test program source file (before USB).

The blcd header file (rename it to blcd.h) source file.

WindowsXP Serial COM port kernel functions.

Bootloader program for the USB.

Modifed linker program for all boot loadable software for the USB.

Super deluxe version of the Test program source code to be loaded by the bootloader program for the USB. This program displays the time, date, and day of the week. Takes care of leap years also.

WindowsXP Microsoft Visual C++ setup information for developing the USB BootLoader program from the PC.

The hex32 code for Microchip PIC18 hex files.

Memory expansion ee.h header for I2C memory up to 512 x 1 (64K byte).

Using the USB for sending/receiving PIC data.

The HEX file for the modified bootloader.

C# program to test the USB data connection that uses a textBox and a button.

The bclock.h header file for the clock must be included with bcld.h.

The bkeypad.h header file for the keypad.

The deluxe test program using the headers bclock.h and bkeypad.h plus the USB data link to the PC.

The busb.h header file for adding the USB functions and variables to a program (must have modified bootloaded installed for this header to function).

A test program for the PIC that accesses and displays the weather on the PIC via the USB and the C# program in the next link.

C# program to obtain a local weather forcast for sending to the PIC through the USB for use with the program in the prior link.

copyright (c) 1999-2007 by Barry B. Brey